Blue Spectrum M-1 Universal Music Handfree with Mic for calling

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-Performance parameters:-Speaker diameter: 10mm-Frequency range:20Hz-20KHz-Sensitivity : 95dB+3-lmpedance: 16 ohms-The wire lenght: 1.35cm-Product features:-Applicable to the 3.5 foot interface-of intelligent mobile phone-The stereo output dynamic-combintion-The built-in mic handsfree
-Performance parameters:
-Speaker diameter: 10mm
-Frequency range:20Hz-20KHz
-Sensitivity : 95dB+3
-lmpedance: 16 ohms
-The wire lenght: 1.35cm
-Product features:
-Applicable to the 3.5 foot interface
-of intelligent mobile phone
-The stereo output dynamic
-The built-in mic handsfree